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“Even the worst settlement agreement is better than the best judgment.” This saying is often reminded to us by experienced wise judges. Settlement agreement reached through mutual concessions is the only way for both parties to satisfy their interests, even partially, having no losing party. I am a very strong supporter of the frequent use of mediation in Bulgaria, therefore.
Unfortunately, the use of mediation in Bulgaria as fast, effective, and inexpensive ADR has been modest. Not because mediation organizations have been inactive but because people are skeptical towards this new process. We all have heard that: “The Bulgarian is used to appeal to the last resort and then, before the European Court for Human Rights.” This litigiousness is not citizens’ fault, however, but ours – of those who are responsible for the fading trust in Justice and the Rule of Law in Bulgaria.
It is the responsibility of the Judiciary, therefore, to demonstrate the benefits of settlement agreements and mediation; to convince citizens that they can receive Justice without their disputes going up to the Supreme Court after spending a lot of time and financial resources. If Bulgarians start to believe that mediation can help them and use it more often our Justice System would be more efficient. This will result in an ability to provide more time for disputes that really need to be resolved through judicial adjudication. More active use of mediation will help us-judges to meet the expectations of the society about a more efficient Justice System; and then, there will be no need to remind ourselves that Justice delayed is Justice denied.
LOZAN PANOV – Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Cassation


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